2013 Mini Calendar Project

Sunday, February 17, 2013

As I sit here waiting for the season finale of Downton Abbey... it seems like the appropriate time for a new post.

Last year, I posted a framed mini calendar craft with monthly calendar downloads.  I've had a few requests for a 2013 update... drum roll....  with a few pretty updates here they are!!

What you will need for this craft:

5x7 frame
12x12 patterned paper.  (up to 6 sheets)
Solid coordinating paper
Pop dots
double stick tape
paper cutter
printer and paper for the calendar
easel (optional)

For this project you will need one sheet of 12x12 scrapbook paper in your favorite pattern.  Repeating patterns typically work best for this type of project (in my humble opinion)

The papers that I used were:
The Upcycle Collection by Cosmo Cricket
The elegant collection by American Crafts
Summer Days by Bella Road
Love Notes by Yours Truly

You will also need a solid or coordinating paper that you will mount the calendar on.

The frame.  You will need a 5x7 inch frame for this project.  I purchased mine at Target.  I love the white because it looks clean and makes any paper that you choose pop...  but you can choose any color that will work for your situation.  

Now you are ready to get started.  

I have combined the calendars into three pages.  Once you have printed your pages, you will need to cut each calendar to 3inches by 5inches.  I didn’t add in cutting lines, just in case you want to make a larger frame or want a different orientation on your creation.  I printed my calendars on my normal printer paper.  I typically use a little heavier and brighter printer paper.  I also really like the presentation weight papers by HP and Epson.  It will also help if you print on a higher quality setting.  If you print on fast or ink conservation, the fonts can look a little fuzzy and not as crisp.  Do a couple trial prints and you will see the difference.  I could talk about my love hate relationship with printers for days...  but I’ll spare you my issues haha!!

yours will be the 2013 version instead

Now take your 12x12 paper and cut a piece that is 5x7 inches (you can get two of these out of one 12x12 sheet)  Pay attention to the pattern and remember that there will be a 3x5 inch piece of the pattern that is covered by your calendar.  I had to do a little careful cutting on the chevron pattern paper to make it be perfectly beautiful!! 

Next you need to cut your coordinating paper that will be a layer to your calendar.  This piece will need to be 3 1/4 x 5 1/4. It will provide just a tiny matte for your calendar.  Also if you have used a thinner printer paper, it will help to keep the patterned from showing through and help the calendar pop off the page.

At this point, you need to take apart your frame.  Remove the back, any advertising paper/cardboard, and the glass. You can set aside the glass.  You won't be putting it back in the frame for this project.

Now for assembly (this is so easy so far, right??)  Take your calendar and apply a few strips of double stick tape to the back and line it up and place on the solid coordinating paper..  Like so

Now to the pop dots...  Pop dots are the best piece of adhesive invention ever, no question about it!!!  You can find them at craft stores: Michael’s, Joanne’s, Hobby Lobby, Wal-Mart, etc...  Buy lots, they are wonderful for everything.  

You could also use mounting squares, or anything really..  as long as they provide the paper space to stand off the background paper.  I tried this with one pop dot and it just didn’t pop enough...  

This is a well used pop dot sheet..  I even cut it up to use the outer pieces to get this project finished..  never waste pop dot material haha.

soooo flip over your calendar piece and apply two pop dots on top of each other 

I leave the top protective piece on until I’m at the exact moment that I will adhere it..  There have been too many pop dot accidental adhesions lol..  so I wait.

Next, lay your frame face down and add in your 5x7 piece of paper

Now this is what I did...  you are welcome to use different materials if it makes you more comfortable, happy, content...  I added back in the glass on the backside of the paper.  I also added in the cardboard and then the easel back and secured it all in place.  The reason that I say, you can use other materials is because I am aware that some people may not like placing the glass back in there... You could use a few layers of cardboard instead.  The point is to make it secure so that your paper and calendar aren’t loose and moving around in the frame.    

Now flip it over and admire your beautiful work so far!!!

Now take that protective piece off of your pop dots and gently place your calendar perfectly in the center of your patterned paper.  The pop dot adheres pretty easily, so if it gets adhered in a wrong spot... or you realize that you were way off..  gently peel it off of the paper underneath and you should be ok.  

and doesn’t that pop dot make all the difference??  So wonderful

And guess what????  You are done and have a beautiful creation

Now you may wonder...  I just made one month, what about the others???  Well, I decided that I could either make 12 different patterned designs, or I could use all of the same background and just change out the month..  It’s up to you!!!  I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial and I I would love to see your creations!! 

Have fun creating!!!!


  1. This is really cute! It would make a great gift or to save the month and date of a child's birth...Oh nice!
    I would love if you link this to my link party Monday morning!

  2. Thank you so much Isabelle. I will head over and link up. I think that it would be so cute to put a little heart stamp on the special date and frame for a child's room, wedding present, etc!!

  3. What a different way of having calendar.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing. I'd love to have you come link this up to our Teach Me Tuesday Linky - it's brand new and in need of creative contributions! http://www.somedayilllearn.com/2013/02/18/teach-me-tuesday-5/

  5. oh love these and the way you displayed them is perfect! Functional and adorable! thanks for sharing with us at Monday Funday!

  6. Thank you for the kind comments. I'm glad that you all like the calendars :)

  7. Very pretty, Michelle! Thanks for linking up on OneCreativeMommy.com.

  8. They turned out great! I love your color choices! Thanks for sharing at The Gunny Sack!

  9. What a great tutorial. The calendar printables are gorgeous. They are simple but stylish.

  10. Wow, very cool!

    I have a weekend Link party if you'd care to join:

  11. You are Featured on my blog and Facebook tomorrow! Congrats!


  12. Thank you so much!!! Isabelle, thank you for the feature. I'm heading over right now!

  13. What an adorable way to spruce up your office space - love it!

    1. I'm so glad that you like them!! I just jumped over to your blog and ohh I have to read. Budgets are something I strive to stay on top of and sometimes don't succeed... thank you for stoping by and commenting :)

  14. They are so cute and I love them! Thanks for sharing!


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